T-Mobile | MLB Home Run Derby VR Experience

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T-Mobile wanted to create an in-store experience to highlight the brand’s sponsorship of the 2022 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby.

EWI partnered with T-Mobile and MLB to design, build, and execute a VR activation based on the MLB Home Run Derby.

After providing a few pieces of information, customers could step inside a batting cage, put on VR goggles, grab a magenta bat, and swing for the fences.

The larger-than-life batting cage featured baseball turf, working stadium lights, an illuminated scoreboard, 90-inch LED screens, and a VR-enabled magenta bat.

The experience was powered by MLB’s Home Run Derby video game (which is available on all PC, console, and mobile platforms), enhanced with a layer of real-life interaction.

Our team’s execution of the finished design blended the lines between digital and physical, translating the look and feel of the on-screen video game into the real world.

VR trackers inside the batting cage automatically detected swing speed and path of the bat, giving the user realistic game play. Back-end tracking gave T-Mobile real-time data about customer use and engagement.

T-Mobile launched the Home Run Derby VR Experience in its Signature Stores in San Francisco (shown here), New York City and Santa Monica. We designed with adjustability and scalability in mind for easy placement inside different stores.

In order to get the experience running before the MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, we completed the design, fabrication and set up of the experience in just six weeks.

More than 14,000 HRs were hit by customers across the three Signature Stores. According to T-Mobile, the experience was an immediate hit and drove engagement among customers of all types.

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