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Drone racing is a rapidly growing new sport where professional drone pilots race powerful high-speed drones against one another through twisting, colorful obstacle courses. T-Mobile is a DRL’s technology partner. All racing drones are powered by T-Mobile’s lightning-fast 5G wireless network.

To highlight the partnership with the DRL, T-Mobile wanted to create an drone-based experience inside of their Las Vegas Signature Store. The experience needed to be approachable and accessible for customers of all ages and experience levels, as drones can be intimidating if you’ve never flown one before.

While customers waited in line to participate in the Drone Experience, guests first had to sign up with a few pieces of relevant information and accept T-Mobile’s terms and conditions. The experience employed a lead generation platform that matched the look and feel of other touchpoints.

An oversized Drone Racing Simulator familiarized customers with drone racing by (literally) putting them in the pilot’s seat. Working flight controls let customers control a drone in a DRL Racing League video game.

The Build Your Own Drone Center brought the experience into the real world. Customers could register, receive their own working wireless drones, and choose from custom graphic decals to personalize them.

Once customers received their drone and graphics kits, they could assemble them at the nearby assembly tables, which featured scrolling magenta tickers, instructional LED graphics, and tool bins for batteries and chargers.

Assembly provided customers with a playful, satisfying building experience and fostered a sense of ownership and connection between customer and machine.

After customers finished assembling and customizing their drones, they could take them for a first flight in an enclosed Test Flight Area/obstacle course.

The test flight area offered a fun, yet challenging experience — as customers were instructed to fly their drone through a ring and land on a pedestal. (No small feat!)

By bringing an event-like, multilayer experience into a retail environment, T-Mobile generated deep excitement for both its own brand and drone racing.

The Drone Experience saw long dwell times and deep customer engagement. More than 6,000 customers engaged with the two-story buildout over the course of 30 days.

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