PUMA | Boston Marathon Pop-up

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PUMA wanted to highlight its return to core running with a running-themed pop-up engagement before, during and after the Boston Marathon.

The RUN PUMA House pop-up was set up inside of an existing building, helping PUMA integrate with its Boston locale.

The space featured several unique running artifacts, including a ceiling covered in running bibs and a display that contained shoes worn by PUMA athlete and olympic bronze medalist Molly Seidel.

Part of the space focused on PUMA products and technology. Visitors could experience PUMA products firsthand and talk to product experts.

Tablets let guests dive deeper into the PUMA brand, learning more about products and technology and giving them a way to order products from the PUMA website.

A running treadmill provided an opportunity to “run for a cause.” Participants could earn money for charity by running as long as possible on treadmill.

The space also contained a dedicated lounge area, where members of the Boston running community could hang out, encourage each other and watch live streams of events around the city.

In the two weeks leading up to the Marathon, PUMA hosted a series of events for the running community at the RUN PUMA House.

On the day of the marathon, the RUN PUMA House hosted a packed day-long party.

PUMA gave away thousands of “running pins” that reminded guests that the brand was now a player in core running.

The entire pop-up was designed, built, and set up by EWI in just three weeks.

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