Kia | Driving Simulators

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Kia didn’t want to just tell consumers about the capabilities of its Stinger and Telluride models; it wanted to show them — with a engaging, hands-on driving experience.

Kia worked with EWI and our partner Sigma Integrale to create a pair of full-motion simulators that gave audiences an opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Kia.

One simulator let show goers take Kia’s Stinger for a spin around the Nürburgring — a famous race track in Germany where sports cars prove their mettle.

The other simulator showcased the Kia Telluride’s capabilities in a real-world off-road situation when a rock slide forces the driver into the “Kia Woodlands.”

Each simulator featured an immersive three-screen display, powerful audio and rumble packs, and lifelike in-car motion simulation to create a realistic handling experience.

To make the driving experience as realistic as possible, each simulator used vehicle-correct steering wheels, gauges and seats.

When Kia debuted its bold new corporate identity in 2021, we update the simulators to match the company’s new branding and auto show presence.

The simulators were a hit with audiences, and there was almost never an empty driver’s seat. More than 16,000 customers experienced the simulators during the 2019/2020 auto show season.

Event Marketer recognized the project as an example of a “best use of design and technology in experiential marketing” at the 2020 Experience Design & Technology Awards.

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