Ford Off-road Experience

Ford’s Bronco lineup was designed with rugged, off-road terrain in mind. Ford sought to create a larger-than-life obstacle course where customers could experience Bronco’s off-road capabilities for themselves.

To reach as many customers as possible, the course would need to be easily transportable and adaptable — capable of being set up at a range of venues and events throughout the country, often with very little time between stops.

The Ford Bronco obstacle course provides a transportable, configurable experience that reinforces the Bronco brand and highlights the Bronco’s impressive off-road capabilities.

While customers wait in line for a ride, they can quickly register with a few pieces of relevant information, accept Ford’s terms and conditions and learn about the Bronco family of vehicles.

Bronco Mountain — a massive hydraulic metal and wood mountain — is the centerpiece of the experience. Guests ride shotgun while a professional driver pilots a Bronco over the steep structure.

The rest of the obstacle course includes terrain features such as a “twist ditch” (to show off the Bronco’s ability to stay level while crawling over obstacles) and a fording pool (to highlight the vehicle’s ability to cross water).

To reinforce the customizable nature of the Bronco platform give guests a chance to walk away with something concrete, the experience included merchandising fixtures featuring Bronco accessories and gear.

Almost all parts of the obstacle course fit on a single trailer — making logistics fast and efficient. Hydraulics and automation make installing and dismantling Bronco Mountain fast and easy. Set up and tear down do not require unnecessary labor.

Our world-class team of fabricators and builders masterfully executed the construction of the Bronco obstacle course.

EWI is (and always has been) built on collaboration. We worked closely with Imagination (who initially worked with Ford to dream up the off-road track) and Mannetron (who helped us engineer Bronco Mountain).

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