Audi Sport Digital Experience

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Audi partnered with EWI to create a larger-than-life digital experience that let users design digital wallpapers featuring the Audi of their dreams.

The experience drew on memories of the automotive posters and artwork that once adorned many kids’ bedroom walls.

The digital experience utilized eight linked touchscreens powered by a custom back-end server which allowed us to update assets and record data.

Guests picked from a lineup of Audi vehicles, oriented their choice in the frame, and added personal touches like paint, background, filter and vehicle-specific performance stats.

EWI handled all aspects of the project — from concept to execution. We were responsible for the initial concept, all graphic design, user experience design, software programming, fabrication of physical elements, installation and project management.

More than 1,000 guests saved and shared their creations, which could be used as digital wallpapers for desktop and/or mobile devices.

Full data analytic reporting provided Audi with detailed insights — from information about individual interactions to aggregate data for the run of the show.

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