After nearly 3 years, Motor Bella marks the return of the auto show to Motor City. But the event (which kicked off this week outside of Detroit) is not a traditional auto show. It’s an entirely new kind of engagement, and (in our opinion) this kind of new is super compelling.

Modern audience expectations have shifted considerably in recent years. Traditional auto shows — featuring static indoor displays and stationary vehicles — still have their place. But what about the consumers that are looking for deeper, more experiential engagements? Motor Bella represents a new breed of auto show that delivers unique, live experiences that show goers simply won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Enter Ford and the exciting new Bronco. (Disclaimer: yes, we want one.)

At Motor Bella, Ford went all-in on audience experience, creating a larger-than-life obstacle course where guests can experience the new Bronco’s 4-wheeling capabilities for themselves. The Blue Oval worked closely with Imagination to dream up a one-of-a-kind track that highlights the Bronco’s performance. And when it came time to turn wild ideas into reality, EWI got involved.

The experience

The centerpiece of the obstacle course is Bronco Mountain, a massive metal and wood structure that lets riders experience the Bronco’s impressive climbing and descent capabilities firsthand. Show attendees can ride shotgun while a driver pilots a new Bronco up and over the biggest structure at Motor Bella. Bronco Mountain’s hydraulic-powered approach and descent are set to 38 degrees — steeper than any structure at Motor Bella. (And in case you’re wondering, no, your crossover couldn’t do that.)